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Luggage storage in Paris. Where to leave your luggage?

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Luggage storage in Rome so you don’t have to drag backpacks and suitcases around

Eiffel Tower Paris

Can I store my luggage at the Eiffel Tower in Paris? What luggage storage options are there?

Luggage Storage near Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace london

Do you need luggage storage in London? Victoria Station is the smartest place for left luggage service

The Vatican

A simple guide to luggage storage options near the Vatican

Casa Batllo, Barcelona

Where to find luggage storage in Barcelona

The World's Luggage Storage Network

Hello traveler, are you waiting to take a train or a plane? Do you want to take advantage of your free time, to take a nice walk around the city without having to drag your heavy suitcase? Are you looking for low-priced but safe luggage storage? You have come to the right place!

We know it. Luggage is often a particularly annoying obstacle for all those inexperienced travelers. Very often it happens to bring with you a large quantity of objects, bags and suitcases.

How many times have you arrived early in the morning and check-in is not possible until lunchtime. What to do while waiting with your suitcases?

LuggageAndStorage.com is a new Network that provides an innovative luggage storage service. Its concept is to use the free and secure space available in shops, restaurants, hotels, and so on.

LuggageAnd Storage.com is quick and easy. Online booking and payment are required. The price is fixed for the whole day. No restrictions on the size and weight of the bag. The drop off point address will be shown after booking. Customer service available 24/7.

Top destinations

The revolution in luggage storage

Let’s say you are waiting for your train and still have a few hours or a day to spend in Rome, London or Paris. In that case, you will need secure luggage storage in the city center or at the station to leave your bulky luggage. Luggage And Storage provides a list of the most convenient luggage storage services in Rome, Milan, Florence, Barcelona, London and Paris.

Luggage And Storage solves the problem of storing your suitcase, putting you in communication with certain activities such as bars, restaurants, hotels, newsstands, and shops that have created a space for storing suitcases.

The new luggage storage network has arrived

From today the problem of the baggage is solved. LuggageAndStorage was born, the startup dedicated to luggage storage.

This new service gives travelers the opportunity to leave their luggage in custody before leaving, to walk freely in the city without having to drag trolleys, suitcases and backpacks.

Thanks to LuggageAndStorage, travelers can rely on a network of shops, restaurants and hotels, which will “host” their luggage as they go around the city. These new luggage storage are mainly public places, but they can also be private, which have some space available at their businesses.

Anyone can become a place to store luggage by registering on the LuggageAndStorage.com platform.

Temporarily entrusting your luggage to one of the selected activities costs € 5.00 per bag. It does not matter the size or the number of hours for which you leave your suitcases in storage. The cost is fixed, making the service much more competitive than any other.

Everything happens online. Just indicate your name and surname, a check-in time and a check-out time, paying by credit card.

Easier than that?