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Casa Batllo, Barcelona

Where to find luggage storage in Barcelona

Do you know places to leave your baggage in Barcelona? There are several luggage storage services in Barcelona, at the airport and in the city

Why visit Barcelona?

Ancient and modern; local and global; cultured and popular; elite and touristic: Barcelona is a city that thrives on fertile contradictions. Barcelona rivals Madrid as the country’s intellectual and economic capital. It is the city that competes for leadership in London in the youth imagination, for the opportunities it offers, for its dynamism, entertainment, cuisine, shopping, beauty. One cannot fail to be fascinated by the mystery of the Gothic Quarter, and by the works of the famous architect Antoni Gaudì, the surreal and colorful shapes of Joan Miró and the genius of Picasso, who took off from here as an artist before moving to Paris.

During your holiday in Barcelona it may happen that you need to leave your luggage in a safe place, perhaps only for a few hours or for longer periods of time. In this article you will find costs and timetables for some luggage storage options in central Barcelona, ​​at El Prat airport, at Sants train station, at the bus station (Estació del Nord), and at the port of Barcelona.

Luggage storage in Barcelona

First of all, some tips: the first is that most likely your hotel or hostel offers free luggage storage, so before paying for a service, ask for it! It’s worth asking, if they say no, then go looking for a safe place to store your luggage in Barcelona.

The second thing to know is that some automatic lockers in Barcelona, ​​such as those in the Sants train and bus station, have a drawback, which is to charge you every time you need to open them during the duration of the deposit. A nice pain in the ass, I would stay away!

The most flexible solution is offered by companies such as Lockers Barcelona, ​​which allow you to open and close the locker and access your luggage as many times as you want. But be careful here too we have a drawback: the service is only available at certain times. Better not to take risks, flexibility is essential when you are traveling, especially when you are in a chaotic city like Barcelona.

That said, it will be useful to know where to leave your trolleys and backpacks safe, whether it’s for a few hours or several days. There are several luggage storage services in Barcelona, ​​at the airport and in the city, keep reading the pages of this blog for all the information on addresses, timetables, costs and benefits.

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