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Luggage storage in Milan: where they are and how much they cost

Are you a traveler who is in Milan, and are you waiting for a train or a plane? Do you want to optimize the time between you and your departure by taking a tour of the city, eating something or having an aperitif without the hassle of having to carry your bags with you?
I suggest you leave your bags and bulky items in a luggage storage in the center of Milan.

Both inside the Central Station in Piazza Duca d’Aosta and in its immediate vicinity, there are areas where you can leave your trolleys, your duffel bag, your backpack and any other type of suitcase.

In this post, I’ll show you their location and prices, and which ones I think are most convenient.

Luggage storage in Milan inside the Central Station

Right inside the Central Station of Milan, on the ground floor of the Shopping Gallery and well indicated by the signs, is the KiPoint luggage storage (KiPoint is also the luggage storage of Rome Termini Station).

It is open every day from 6 am to 11 pm, and costs for each piece of luggage:

€ 6 for the first 5 hours (practically € 1.20 per hour)
€ 1 for each subsequent hour from the sixth to the twelfth
€ 0.50 for each hour after the twelfth hour.

Payment can be made either in cash or by credit card.

Luggage storage in the center of Milan Stow Your Bags

Three hundred meters from the entrance to Milan Central Station, just a two-minute walk, and precisely in Via Pergolesi 22, there is a self-service depot called Stow Your Bags, open every day from 7 am to 9 pm. It can also be reached with the M2 line of the Milan metro, Caiazzo stop
The boxes of this luggage storage in Milan are each 61 x 48 x 85 cm large and but the prices are expensive:

€ 2.49 for the first hour
€ 5.49 for 2 hours
€ 7.99 for 3 hours
€ 10.49 for 4 hours
€ 12.99 for 5 hours
€ 14.99 for 6 hours
€ 15.99 for 7 hours
€ 17.99 for a full day (24 hours).

You book online by choosing the date, time of arrival, the number of hours and the number of lockers, enter your details and pay by credit card or paypal.
Only if you have not reserved a space on a luggage storage room I would like to recommend this solution. You must consider that here you will not have assistance on site, any problem or inconvenience will not be of simple and immediate solution.

Why use LuggageAndStorage.com to store your luggage in Milan?

LuggageAndStorage.com is an innovative, secure and convenient luggage storage network that allows you to leave your luggage in authorized shops, bars and places in Milan, close to the main tourist attractions, and to the most important transport hubs.

The prices are lower than traditional luggage storage, but the quality of the service is much higher. The opening hours depend on the individual premises. Reservations are made exclusively online, plus there is no charge in case of cancellation.

Now you just have to choose your luggage storage in Milan and enjoy the city of design and fashion hands-free and being able to visit beautiful places like the Duomo of Milan is the symbol of the Lombard capital, free from the stress of luggage. You cannot visit the city without seeing it at least once. Many just admire it from the square, but know that not only can you enter and walk through the naves, but you can also reach its spiers.